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我最近一直在问到根的HTC Desire HD,把一个自定义 只读存储器 onto it. I agreed to, des­pite some reluct­ance — hack­ing my own HTC Desire was quite a hassle and involved lots of research and con­sid­er­able time.

I was delighted to dis­cov­er the pro­cess for the Desire HD is much sim­plerA tool called the “Advanced Ace Hack Kit” has been cre­ated which car­ries out a root and S‑Off auto­mat­ic­ally with 1 click (but read the manu­al first).  The kit also installs Clock­work­Mod recov­ery and 只读存储器 Man­ager. This pro­ced­ure did­n’t even wipe any­thing on the phoneI was then able to install the 只读存储器 of choice (Vir­tu­ous Affin­ity 1.46 based on Sense 3.5 with Android 2.3.5 Ginger­bread) 通过 只读存储器 男子经理, again with min­im­al hassle, and again without los­ing any of the installed apps or set­tings. The whole pro­cess took less than 30 minutes. The bene­fits are many: longer bat­tery life, faster per­form­ance, and sev­er­al nice 用户界面 cus­tom­isa­tion options.
根Desire HD的

Down­load the Advanced Ace Hack Kit from the link above. Extract it to a new folder, without inter­fer­ing with the folder struc­ture. Remove any install­a­tions of HTC Sync or HTC drivers. Install the HTC drivers included with the hack (从工具文件夹windrivers).  端相连接的手机,并确保它被设置为 USB Char­ger mode only. Enable USB 在手机上调试就好像 (设置吊环, APPLIC-A系统蒸发散, 发育-OP-换货).  Right click on the hack-ace.cmd file and select “run as admin­is­trat­or”. Fol­low the prompts. You will need a pass­word which is gen­er­ated each time — you can find a link to it at the bot­tom of the manu­al (the manu­al is included with the down­load and is called effen-manual.html).  等待约 15 minutes and sev­er­al reboots and all will be done.


一旦根, 让手机开机, 进入MAR-KET应用程序, 并安装 只读存储器 Man­ager. Run and enable 只读存储器 man­ager. Down­load a 只读存储器 您的选择,要么通过 只读存储器 Man­ager or manu­ally on your PC. If manu­ally, copy the down­load to your phone memory card. Use 只读存储器 man­ager to reboot in recov­ery and fol­low the menu options to flash zip from sd card. Wait for 5–10 minutes (and sev­er­al reboots) 为 只读存储器 to install. All done!

该套件还可以在Linux下运行, 操作系统 X, although my instruc­tions don’t cov­er that.

对我来说,新的 只读存储器 是工作ING例外,tion,盟友以及, it is faster and less bat­tery intens­ive than the ori­gin­al, 办事处-CIAL宏达 只读存储器.  它还具有更好的视觉效果.

一旦你运行起来看看我这是每一个更新推荐Android的应用程序列表 6 months or so. See the related posts sec­tion below for the latest version.

-Upd Aug-2012-


如何做你的Desire HD的ROM更新工作了?


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我已经用win根 7 ULTI奥智队友 64 位, 与不知道为什么有些HAV-ING概率LEM 64 位..试试闪动的DIF-FER-ENT CUS-汤姆ROM, 但大部分的ROM是​​不太一样。, 汉EY炸弹, smartdroid, 革命重刑高清 7.0. 但一些自定义的rom没有健全的选择位tion像杜比DUR-ING播放音乐, 我也有尝试Leedroid 5.1 当触摸每个子-AL-IZE,但吨, 它到网上像压ING探险..可能有些错误需要有...等。. 等待ING ICS稳定 只读存储器 导致现在都还HAV-ING相机概率LEM. 任何路TQ.


CA win7下64位机管局运行? 导致有些人说有概率LEM根时,使用64位 操作系统. 中国


所以应该不是概率LEM在双赢 7 ULTI奥智队友 64 位? DUR-ING根亲塞斯与机管局后按 1 & 进入, 它需要向下年级导致我的HTC Desire HD是 2.3.5. 当每形成向下级问Y / N, 所以我选择Y,, 下LO-agrade RUU? 是/否? 我再次选择年,但说“帕拉-MA-TER格式不COR-RECT - PD98IMG-GB6.zip”我应该把这个文件? Insdie机管局已经有了这个文件. 我也复制到PD98IMG文件夹, 导致有得到一个txt文件说,把PD98IMG.zip那边.

我CON-导火索是机管局文件夹机管局-13012012 工具里面的PD98IMG dngrd为什么得了 2 折痕DN P98IMG & PD98IMG, 这 2 文件约30 MB以上, but got anoth­er down­grade from this link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=905003. 获取股票 1.32 PD98IMG.zip 只读存储器 是 287 MB什么是diffrent?

ü了邮箱地址..我打印屏幕u可以看它. 谢谢


The Desire HD I was updat­ing did­n’t need a down­grade so I did­n’t have this error.
这听起来我像一个破坏主程序文件 (该PD98IMG-GB6.zip) - 你能redown加载它? 我认为,如果你删除运行宁之前该文件的更新将自动垫集成电路(IC)的盟友redown加载文件. The copy on the serv­er has a cor­rect MD5 so it should work after it’s redown­loaded. 让我知道如何去.