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I’ve recently been asked to root a HTC Desire HD and put a custom 只读存储器 到它. 我同意, despite some reluctancehacking my own HTC Desire was quite a hassle and involved lots of research and considerable time.

I was delighted to discover the process for the Desire HD is much simpler! A tool called theAdvanced Ace Hack Kithas been created which carries out a root and S-Off automatically with 1 click (but read the manual first). The kit also installs ClockworkMod recovery and 只读存储器 Manager. This procedure didn’t even wipe anything on the phone! I was then able to install the 只读存储器 of choice (Virtuous Affinity 1.46 based on Sense 3.5 with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread) 通过 只读存储器 Manager, again with minimal hassle, and again without losing any of the installed apps or settings. The whole process took less than 30 分钟. The benefits are many: longer battery life, faster performance, and several nice 用户界面 customisation options.

根Desire HD的

Download the Advanced Ace Hack Kit from the link above. 它解压到一个新的文件夹, without interfering with the folder structure. Remove any installations of HTC Sync or HTC drivers. 安装HTC驱动程序附带的破解 (从工具文件夹windrivers). Connect the phone and make sure it is set to USB Charger mode only. 启用 USB Debugging on the phone (设置, applications, development). Right click on the hack-ace.cmd file and select “以管理员身份运行”. Follow the prompts. You will need a password which is generated each timeyou can find a link to it at the bottom of the manual (the manual is included with the download and is called effen-manual.html). 等待约 15 minutes and several reboots and all will be done.


一旦根, 让手机开机, go to the market app, 并安装 只读存储器 Manager. 运行并启用 只读存储器 manager. Download a 只读存储器 您的选择,要么通过 只读存储器 Manager or manually on your PC. If manually, copy the download to your phone memory card. 使用 只读存储器 manager to reboot in recovery and follow the menu options to flash zip from sd card. Wait for 5-10 分钟 (and several reboots) 为 只读存储器 安装. 全部完成!

该套件还可以在Linux下运行, 操作系统 X, although my instructions don’t cover that.

对我来说,新的 只读存储器 is working exceptionally well, it is faster and less battery intensive than the original, official HTC 只读存储器. 它还具有更好的视觉效果.

一旦你运行起来看看我这是更新一次推荐的Android的应用程序列表 6 个月左右. 请参阅最新版本的相关的帖子一节.

-Upd Aug-2012-

Updated links to AAHK and Affinity Rom

如何做你的Desire HD的ROM更新工作了?


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我已经用win根 7 ultimate 64 位, dont know why some having problem with 64 bit..try flashing different custom rom, 但大部分的ROM是​​不太一样。, honeybomb, smartdroid, revolution HD 7.0. but some custom rom don’t have sound selection like dobly during play music, 我也有尝试Leedroid 5.1 when touch personalize button, it go to online like pressing explorer..may be some mistake there…等等. Waiting ICS stable 只读存储器 cause now all still having camera problem. Anyway tq.


CA win7下64位机管局运行? cause some say got problem when root with using 64bit 操作系统. 中国


So it should be not problem at win 7 ultimate 64 位? During root process with AAHK after press 1 & 进入, it need downgrade cause my htc desire hd is 2.3.5. When perform downgrade ask y/n, 所以我选择Y,, downloagrade RUU? 是/否? i select y again but sayParamater format not correctPD98IMG-GB6.zipwhere should i put this file? Insdie机管局已经有了这个文件. 我也复制到PD98IMG文件夹, 导致有得到一个txt文件说,把PD98IMG.zip那边.

I confuse is the PD98IMG inside the AAHK folder aahk-13012012\tools\dngrd why got 2 折痕DN P98IMG & PD98IMG, 这 2 文件约30 MB以上, but got another downgrade from this link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=905003. 获取股票 1.32 PD98IMG.zip 只读存储器 是 287 MB什么是diffrent?

ü了邮箱地址..我打印屏幕u可以看它. 谢谢


The Desire HD I was updating didn’t need a downgrade so I didn’t have this error.
It sounds to me like a corrupt file (该PD98IMG-GB6.zip) – can you redownload it? I think if you delete that file before running the update it will automatically redownload the file. The copy on the server has a correct MD5 so it should work after it’s redownloaded. 让我知道如何去.