4Humax PVR-9200TCopie os arquivos do Humax PVR 9200T para PC

Eu tenho um par de Humax PVT-9200T PVRs duplo TDT, ambos os quais estão agora bastante completo com programas gravados. Humax ter fornecido um programa chamado eLinker, mas não é muito bom. Uma boa alternativa é Humax Media Controller, mas infelizmente ele não funciona com o Windows x64, como Mike Dimmick explica. agradecidamente, Mike também criou uma solução remendando alguns dos arquivos, de modo que Humax Media Controller agora pode ser usado com sucesso no Windows 7 x64. O único problema é que o Windows deve ser inicializado com o Driver Signing Enforcement desabilitado.

Update Apr 2024

Mike’s site is still up but the link to HumaxPVR.zip that he offered is now dead.
I found a copy of Humax Media Con­trol­ler with Mike’s driver added that I down­loaded and e‑mailed to someone around 14 years ago still intact in my old gmail and have now res­cued it.
You can down­load it dir­ectly aqui

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I’m try­ing to loc­ate a copy of the soft­ware mike cre­ated to sup­port Win­dows x64 (HumaxPVR.zip).…the down­load link on his Blog­ger page is no longer func­tion­al …it is a very old piece of soft­ware now.
Should any­one be able to point me in the dir­ec­tion of a copy, I’d appre­ci­ate it.


Jon, Obrigado pelos arquivos.
Unfor­tu­nately I don’t seem to be able to get the cor­rect driver to install.
I’m bypassing the unsigned driver pro­tec­tion and am offered HumaxSTBAlternate.inf as the driver installer .…but the driver installed by this is described as writ­ten by ‘Humax STB’ ver­sion 20/3/2007
I get a device con­nec­tion error on run­ning Humax.bat

JSJon Scaife

Hi Roger
That is frus­trat­ing. I assume you’re on win­dows 10 ou 11? This was from the Win­dows 7 days so that might be the issue. It sounds like the cor­rect driver is installing — the inf file was cre­ated by Humax and mod­i­fied by Mike D but still shows as ver­sion as you say.
I assume you’ve con­nec­ted the humax to the com­puter with a USB cable and then installed the driver for the “unknown device” or whatever the humax shows up as?
There are instruc­tions here for how to use the drivers — http://www.enigma.eclipse.co.uk/humax/HumaxMediaController.htm
Make sure you’ve rebooted with driver sign­ing enforce­ment turned off first (which is quite faffy on win 10 i believe) — tips on how to do that here — https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/permanent-disable-driver-signature-verification/009c3498-bef8-4564-bb52-1d05812506e0