0Ultrabook的笔记本电脑标志索尼VAIO迷你回顾: 索尼VAIO SB 13“笔记本电脑

作为人,tioned预VI - 显然, 我最近下令 (为FAM-ILY MEM-BER) 一个索尼Vaio SB。 Anandtech的 最近汽车里德了详细的回顾, so I have no inten­tion of rein­vent­ing the wheel. This is just a sup­ple­ment­ary review address­ing a few addi­tion­al thoughts

  • The laptop is very quiet — con­trary to the review on Anandtech. Most of the time the fan does­n’t spin up. Heavy data crunch­ing does res­ult in some fan noise, but it is reas­on­ably tol­er­able. For com­par­is­on, 我的 电脑 都安静, with bun­gee sus­pen­ded hard drives and under­vol­ted case fans. The Sony is quieter than my own Dell Stu­dio 15.
  • The key­board is excel­lent. It is very easy to type quickly on, and the back­light auto-dim­ming is nice.
  • 电源指示灯都是绿色, which makes a pleas­ant change from the usu­al gar­ish red or eye water­ing blue.
  • 由于Anandtech的POIN,泰德出, the Vaio comes with far too many pro­cesses run­ning. Remov­ing a few undesir­able apps (Bing工具栏, 迈克菲, 等等) only helped this a little. After turn­ing off a few ser­vices and remov­ing a few unne­ces­sary star­tup entries the run­ning pro­cess count has been reduced to around 65 which is broadly sim­il­ar to the 2 oth­er Win­dows 7 PC的我查.
  • 硬盘 is the weak point of the sys­tem. You can feel the sys­tem hav­ing to wait some­times. How­ever, the sys­tem is still gen­er­ally very respons­ive. Like Anandtech, 我推荐修补repla-CING的 硬盘 有一个更快, 每一个HAPS SEAG,吃了Momentus XT的.
  • VAIO的是恳求多地光, 并同时通知干练重工-IER比的eeePC 901 它是repla-欣, 它不是这样大大, and it is much light­er than my Dell Stu­dio 15. In my view is rep­res­ents an ideal bal­ance between size/weight and usab­il­ity.
  • 屏幕亮度是好的, 它有一个磨砂鳍十岁上下, but oth­er­wise it is fairly typ­ic­al of a laptop screen — not great. To be fair to Sony though, I’m com­par­ing it to my HP zr24w which is an excel­lent 24″ 1920×1200 IPS pan­el.
  • 索尼电源管理软件是非常灵活和智能的 - 例如, it can turn off power to the optic­al drive.
  • The bat­tery life is the best of any prop­er laptop I’ve ever used, 虽然当在大量使用它仍然只有约 3 hours. It isn’t quite as good as the eeePC 901 它取代, 但其近, 当然它可以做更多的事情.

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