DIY মিডিয়া হোম লোগো

আপনার নিজের হোম থিয়েটার এবং হাই ফাই সেটআপ নকশা ও নির্মাণের জন্য চূড়ান্ত সাইট.

0উইন্ডোজ মিডিয়া প্লেয়ারের লোগোউইন্ডোজে x64 ডিফল্ট WMP স্যুইচিং 7

One of the strangest things in Win­dows 7 x64 is the pres­ence of both x86 and x64 ver­sions of Win­dows Media Play­er 12. Even stranger is that des­pite Win­dows Media Cen­ter being 64bit only (and there­fore requir­ing 64bit codecs) Microsoft saw fit to set the default WMP12 ver­sion to the x86 edi­tion. For those of us who don’t wish to main­tain 2 sets of codecs it is desir­able to change this default status. কিন্তু, Microsoft do not appear to have provided a simple way to do this as yet. So here’s how…

1. Open a com­mand prompt and run unregmp2 /SwapTo:64.

2. Take own­er­ship and then change the first part of the value of the fol­low­ing registry keys


থেকে “%ProgramFiles(এক্স 86)%....
থেকে “%Pro­gram­Files%....

These 3 keys in order apply to the con­text menu entries for enqueue, burn to cd and play

You may need to unpin WMP from the taskbar before this oper­a­tion and repin the x64 ver­sion once you’ve com­pleted the procedure

হালনাগাদ: I have been noti­fied that the x64 ver­sion of WMP12 does not work with burn to সিডি so swap­ping to WMP x64 may cause prob­lems if you use WMP to burn সিডি'গুলি. I have nev­er done so and hence did­n’t encounter this issue. If you have this prob­lem but want to use x64 WMP then I recom­mend down­load­ing CDBurn­er-XP as a free altern­at­ive burn­ing program.

হালনাগাদ 2: There is more dis­cus­sion on this issue on Chris123NT’s blog.

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