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0HTC Desire Android LogoSamsung Galaxy Nexus Prime v Apple iPhone 4S

Con il recente rilascio del Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime e gli Apple iPhone 4S, Ho pensato di fare un rapido confronto del 2 dispositivi. Ho anche incluso i dati e le specifiche per la 2 altri smartphone recenti di fascia alta, l'HTC Sensation XE e il Motorola Atrix 2.

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3logo appleIphone 4S: Solo un deludente catch-up

Così, I see that Apple have released the latest iteration of theiramazing” iphone. Each time a new iproduct gets released I find myself yelling at TV, Annunci radio, and other ignorant people who don’t seem to realise that their is nothing special about Apple products. This time I’m going to share a few thoughts publicly instead. I’ve just watched the official release video over on the Apple website. Così, con che come base, here are my thoughts on the “nuovo” features in the iphone 4S
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