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0El deseo logo HTC AndroidSamsung Galaxy Nexus Prime v Apple Iphone 4S

Con el reciente lanzamiento del Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime y el iPhone de Apple 4S, Yo pensé en hacer una comparación rápida de la 2 dispositivos. También he incluido datos y especificaciones de 2 otros teléfonos inteligentes recientes de alta gama, el HTC Sensation XE y el Motorola Atrix 2.

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3Apple logoIphone 4S: Just a disappointing catch-up

Asi que, I see that Apple have released the latest iter­a­tion of their “amaz­ing” iphone. Each time a new iproduct gets released I find myself yelling at TV, Radio ads, and oth­er ignor­ant people who don’t seem to real­ise that their is noth­ing spe­cial about Apple products. This time I’m going to share a few thoughts pub­licly instead. I’ve just watched the offi­cial release video over on the Apple web­site. So, with that as the basis, here are my thoughts on the “new” fea­tures in the iphone 4S…
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