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Weiter auf meinen Beitrag ja-ter-Tag, Ich ent-deckt, via Nigel Des­sau’s blog (von AMD geschlossen, da dieser Artikel veröffentlicht wurde), dass ATI die Freigabe wird ein Update für dieses Problem in der Catalyst- 10.2 (Feb-ru-ary 2010) Freisetzung. This is fant­ast­ic news, danke ATI!
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0AMD Radeon-Grafik-LogoInstallieren Mobility Radeon-Treiber von ATi

Aktualisierung: Cata­lyst Mobil­ity drivers are now avail­able for many cards from ATi. (as of Cata­lyst ver­sion 10.3)

It seems to be very dif­fi­cult to obtain reas­on­ably up-to-date drivers for the ATi graph­ics chips in many laptops. Dies liegt daran, die OEMs have asked ATi not to provide gen­er­ic drivers dir­ect to the end user, ostens­ibly to reduce sup­port requests from users with drivers not tested by the OEM'S. This seems per­fectly reas­on­able, aber die traurige Tatsache ist, die meisten OEM’s only update the drivers for a new laptop mod­el a few times and soon aban­don it as they con­cen­trate on the next gen­er­a­tion release. For those people try­ing to update their drivers to address a prob­lem or to gain access to new fea­tures there are no clear options. For­tu­nately there are ways around this prob­lem.
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