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1Incorporare un flusso RTSP live in una pagina Web

Di recente ho lavorato alla configurazione della mia smarthome e una delle cose che intendevo configurare è un tablet con un'interfaccia web touch-screen per gestire la mia casa intelligente. Uno dei primi problemi che ho dovuto risolvere era come trasmettere il mio feed cctv a un browser web…
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0Samsung Galaxy Note 2Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Mods, Suggerimenti, Tweaks & di più

Recentemente ho scritto su modi per migliorare e ottimizzare the Samsung Galaxy S3. Since then my partner has acquired a Galaxy Note 2, which is rather like an oversize S3. Now that I’ve had chance to play with it a bit I’ve updated my original article to cover the tweaks that work for both phones. Any differences are noted there. I’ve also written a new article with a guide to Come sradicare la nota 2. Godere.

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2Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 & Appunto 2: Mods, Suggerimenti & tweaks

I’ve had my Galaxy S3 a little over a month already and have slowly been compiling a worthwhile list of tips and tweaks that I use and can recommend to other users. Ho aggiornato l'elenco per includere suggerimenti per il Galaxy Note 2 which my partner now has. Many of these may also apply to other Samsung or even other android phones, but some are specific to the galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2. By all means try them regardless of phone and let us know how you get on…. Leggi l'articolo completo

0HTC Desire Android LogoFixing poor quality images from HTC Desire camera

I’ve been rather disappointed with the image quality from the camera in my HTC Desire. Turns out its not the camera, its the low quality plastic lens cover built into the back cover of the phone which gets easily scratched. My advice: either replace the back cover (contact HTC, its often free) o (come ho fatto io) just ditch the plastic cover, the lens is made of glass which isn’t easy to scratch, especially as its well recessed into the phone.

Thanks for this tip to HTC Desire Tricks