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0الرغبة HTC الروبوت الشعارإحساس 3.5 على هتك الرغبة

I’ve previously written about using an alternative ROM على بلدي HTC الرغبة بفضل AceSMod007, ولكن قد انتقلت الأمور على عادلة قليلا منذ ذلك الحين. I’ve finally got round to updating my Desire again, and decided I’d go with another “007 Mod”, specifically RunnymedeMod007 which features Sense 3.5. I’ve actually been running release 7 لبضعة أسابيع, but it has been a mixed experience. Having updated to release 21 a couple of days ago I’m now much happier. If you have a Desire and want the latest eye candy without compromising on performance I highly recommend giving it a try. الشعيب سعيد.

0الرغبة HTC الروبوت الشعارROM البديلة لرغبة HTC

للمشاركة 9 months or so I’ve been experiementing with alternative android ROMs for my HTC Desire. Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with the official HTC ROM, they are often slow to release new versions of Android or Sense for older phones like the Desire. كنت حريصا أن يكون بعض من تحسس 3 الميزات, جنبا إلى جنب مع وصول المعنى الموقع لهاتفي.

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7الرغبة HTC الروبوت الشعارثابت: HTC الرغبة شحن ببطء من شاحن سيارة

لدي الرغبة HTC, which I frequently use as a Sat Nav system. I have a car charger, ولكن هذا هو في كثير من الأحيان بالكاد قادرة على مواكبة تعادل قوة الهاتف. This seemed strange as the official HTC wall-wart charger that came with the phone can fully-charger the battery quite quickly. I did some research and discovered that the HTC wall charger has the USB دبابيس البيانات (دبابيس 2 و 3) shorted. الهاتف بالكشف عن هذا ويزيد من إجمالي الطاقة تلفت أثناء الشحن…. اقرأ المقال كاملاً

0الروبوت Market إلى Google Playقائمة محدثة من تطبيقات المفضلة الرغبة HTC

Having recently had my HTC Desire replaced due to a fault, I’ve had to reinstall the entire device. I took this as an opportunity for a bit of a clear out, and have updated my previous list of favourite apps accordingly.
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0الروبوت Market إلى Google Playتطبيقات المفضلة لرغبة HTC

I’ve had an HTC Desire for a couple of months now, which has given me plenty of time to explore the range of apps available. Below is a list of the ones I’ve found myself using the most frequently (excluding the built-in ones)…
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