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2شعار ووردالمقتطفات المنسقة رمز الإصدار 3.x الغموض

I’ve pre­vi­ously writ­ten about rich snip­pets code forميس-tique 2There are alsoتعليمات عامة and code for the themes twenty elev­enأحب و thes­isBelow is updated code for Mys­tique 3

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0شعار ووردكود القصاصات الغنية عن الإصدار 2.x سحرها

In addi­tion to this site I have a per­son­al blog حيث, amongst oth­er things, I post recipes. I’ve recently dis­covered google’s new recipe search, and have been look­ing to imple­ment sup­port for micro­formats / البيانات الجزئية. Google provide a tool for check­ing your markup, called the “الغنية القصاصة مسموح جي اختبار أداة". When I tried val­id­at­ing one of my recipes, I encountered vari­ous errors, which have taken me a while to track down and resolve. ... اقرأ المقال كاملاً