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0Blackgold BGT3630 LogoBlackgold: Le téléviseur ultime carte tuner?

Alors que la recherche de pilotes pour mon Pinnacle 3010iX Freeview tuner I remarqué Blackgold ont une nouvelle TV tuner due on the market. The Blackgold BGT3630 looks provisionally to tick all the boxes for me. It supports DVB-T / T2 et DVB-S / S2, ainsi que Analog and Cable DVB-C! So everything and the kitchen sink. The card is also supplied with low and full profile brackets and fits a PCI-E fente 1x. I suppose the only thing lacking is that it seems to only be a single-tuner for each format. Of course 2 Les cartes qui permet de résoudre (si tu as 2 pci-e emplacements libres dans votre HTPC)
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