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0BlackGold BGT3600 DVB-T2 & Sintonizador DVB-S2Blackgold 3600: O novo cartão de TV final

Eu me mudei recentemente casa, but now that I’ve restored internet access (always the first priority) I’ve been tasked with fully sorting out TV na casa. The previous setup isn’t badwith a Media Server (incluindo TV cartões) aninhado, e um HTPC no salão. These both run Media Center and DVBLink. Desta forma, eu também pode obter TV no meu PC e laptop de mesa. In the near future I’ll be building another HTPC for the bedroom TV so we can watch recorded programmes in bed. All these potential recordings and watching are beyond the capability of my current tuner setupa BlackGold BGT3620 and a Compro S350. … Leia o artigo completo

0Blackgold BGT3630 LogoBlackgold: A placa sintonizadora de TV final?

Whilst looking for drivers for my Pinnacle 3010ix freeview tuner I noticed Blackgold have a new TV tuner due on the market. The Blackgold BGT3630 looks provisionally to tick all the boxes for me. It supports DVB-T / T2 E DVB-S/S2 as well as Analog and Cable DVB-C! So everything and the kitchen sink. The card is also supplied with low and full profile brackets and fits a PCI-E 1x slot. I suppose the only thing lacking is that it seems to only be a single-tuner for each format. Claro 2 cartões que resolve (Eu sou extremamente pressionado por espaço 2 slots PCI-E livres no seu HTPC)
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