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كما تم توثيقه في سجل تحديث الموقع, for a while we had a problem with our theme where it wasn’t possible to reply to a comment so that the reply would appear correctly in a threaded way. We have no fixed this problem, but have been left with a significant number of comments which really need editing so it is easier to see what they are in reply to. With a standard wordpress install this requires going into the database and editing there, which is very tedious. Instead, استخدمنا بعض وظائف بسيطة لإضافة خيار لصفحة الإدارة تعليق-تحرير, to set the comment parent there. Eventually this will be developed into a proper plugin to enable this functionality. For now the code is below, مجرد إضافته إلى functions.php موضوع الخاص بك

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