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0سامسونج غالاكسي S3Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘v’ آسوس EEEPC 901

There are plenty of reviews out there comparing the latest phones, the latest tablets and the latest notebooks, but very few ever reference something more than 18 أشهر من العمر. Most people don’t upgrade their kit anywhere near that frequently which makes the comparisons rather useless. في 4-5 year timeframe which is a more typical upgrade cycle for most people there have been huge changes to the computing power available.

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0داخل الأقراص الصلبة شعارترقية SSD في EEEPC 901

I’ve recently been asked to upgrade the SSD drive in an Asus eeePC 901. Rather than write about it in detail here I’ll just say that the operation was painless and a great success, mostly thanks to the excellent guide provided at BitTech

I replaced the default 4gig SSD (leaving the 16gig one intact) with a similar speed 16gig drive which cost £43 from ebay