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0Windows Update IcôneFenêtres 7 à 10 erreur de mise à niveau 0x8007001F

J'ai récemment essayé de mettre à niveau Windows 7 PC Windows 10 mais après plusieurs redémarrages les fenêtres 10 l'installation échouait avec une erreur « L'installation a échoué dans la phase SAFE_OS avec une erreur pendant le fonctionnement du REPLACE_OC » avec le code 0x8007001F - 0 × 20006.
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0Dell 3130cn LogoExcellent utility to fix Epson printers

I had a prob­lem with an old Epson Stylus Photo R200 print­er. Des­pite being loaded with paper and fresh genu­ine ink cart­ridges, the unit refused to print. The 2 red warn­ing lights on top were flash­ing altern­ately. After con­sid­er­able googling I dis­covered that this error code is related to the ink cart­ridge clean­ing well. Appar­ently it gets full of ink after a cer­tain num­ber of head clean­ing cycles. As usu­al with cheap inkjet print­ers, the warn­ing is based on a counter, not on the actu­al full­ness of the clean­ing well, and the error can be bypassed by reset­ting the counter in the print­er. The good news is there is a util­ity which will do just that. Although it does­n’t list sup­port, I can con­firm that the util­ity does work fine on Win­dows 7 x64, so I believe it should work on every ver­sion of win­dows since Win­dows 95!