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0WiFi senza fili 802.11 ABGN LogoRisoluto: Problema di streaming video wireless

I have a very strange issue which is caus­ing prob­lems play­ing videos over a wireless‑n net­work. Play­ing the videos causes the net­work to drop out after a short peri­od. Some­times this only lasts for 2–3 seconds, which just causes a video stut­ter. Oth­er times the drop out is more per­man­ent and takes nearly a minute to recov­er, a meno che la radio wire-less viene spento e riacceso, -zione ricostruzione nca dopo di verifica.
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0All'interno HDD LogoAccelerare Media Browser

An art­icle on Hack7MC caught my eye a couple of months ago, but I have only just got around to fol­low­ing up on it. The idea is to speed up the Media Browser plu­gin for Media Cen­ter by mov­ing its lib­rary to a Cheap USB Flash drive, which hope­fully offers much bet­ter per­form­ance than nor­mal hard-disk drives. La prima cosa che feci fu di prova un paio di dispositivi basati su memoria flash che ho contro il mio desktop HardDrive ...
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