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0Ultrabook logo portatile sony vaioDriver Bluetooth per Sony Vaio periferica sconosciuta

I was recently asked to look at a Sony Vaio VPCSB which was detect­ing new hard­ware on every Win­dows boot. The machine was oth­er­wise work­ing well. Upon inspec­tion I dis­covered that there were sev­er­al unknown devices which seemed to be related to Bluetooth. I rein­stalled the latest drivers from the Sony web­site but this failed to clear the unknown devices. The search was on.….. Leggi l'articolo completo

0Ultrabook logo portatile sony vaioRiparazione Computer portatili HP e altro hardware a basso costo

I was recently asked to look at the touch­pad on a HP Pavil­ion DV2000 laptop which had a faulty left but­ton. Ricambi e riparazioni per i computer portatili sono spesso difficili da trovare quindi ero contento di trovare la HP Ser­vice manu­al come un PDF, which included all the part num­bers, and then very pleased to find that HP offer an extens­ive dir­ect sales ser­vice for most parts via the HP PartSurfer. Suf­fice to say this laptop is now fixed, per un prezzo molto basso. Good move by HP — I won­der if oth­er major man­u­fac­tur­ers provide a sim­il­ar service?