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0PSU LogoEficiencia PSU 4 - juego de PC moderna

This art­icle on PSU effi­ciency for a mod­ern sandy bridge gam­ing PC fol­lows on from 3 pre­vi­ous art­icles, acerca de PSU effi­ciency for a medi­um power serv­er, una medi­um use very high power gam­ing PC y un low power serv­er or HTPC.
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0PSU LogoEficiencia PSU: la pena el ascenso? parte 3

This is the third install­ment in a series of art­icles address­ing PSU effi­ciency. Art­icle one focused on a the­or­et­ic­al new serv­er, art-ículo 2 en un typ­ic­al desktop PCThis art­icle will focus on a cur­rent real serv­er, and intro­duces a new PSU — an 80+ plat­in­um mod­el.
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