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6media ServerDVBLink 4.5 & Serveur 2012 serveur de médias

Dans la dernière 6 semaines 2 major updates have totally changed the media serv­er land­scape. DVBLink serv­er 4.5 and Microsoft Win­dows Serv­er 2012 in com­bin­a­tion look to offer an ideal win­dows-plat­form for a home media serv­er.

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0media ServerA new Media Server

As I men­tioned recently, I am plan­ning a new media sys­tem for a new res­id­ence. Hav­ing already exper­i­mented suc­cess­fully with dvblink, I decided it was time to move my TV cards from my HTPC to my serv­er and hand the duty of record­ing, transcod­ing and stor­ing TV to the serv­er.… Lire l'article complet