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6Microsoft Office Excel 2010La formattazione condizionale per i gradi v obiettivi

Così, in my oth­er life I’m actu­ally a sci­ence teach­er, and as it usu­ally gets round that I’m “good with com­puters” I usu­ally get asked to have a look at a few things. Twice in the last few months I’ve been asked if I’d set up con­di­tion­al format­ting in excel to col­our code stu­dent test res­ults com­pared to their tar­get grades. Whilst not exactly related to the core con­tent of this site, it is still DIY tech­nic­al help so I decided to pub­lish a full set of instruc­tions here. Enjoy…

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0Logo Microsoft Office OutlookProspettiva 2007 generando corruzione in alcune e-mail inviate

I recently encountered a very strange prob­lem in out­look 2007. E‑mails sent to large num­bers of recip­i­ents (approx 30) were suf­fer­ing from some cor­rup­tion where a large part of the head­er was appear­ing in the con­tent of the e‑mail. The appeared as a long string of ran­dom char­ac­ters fol­lowed by some text (eg “Sosha1_v1;7” and “x‑cr-puzzleid”) that sug­ges­ted the garbled text was part of the out­look anti-spam “post­mark” fea­ture. The e‑mail mes­sage appeared as nor­mal below this cor­rupt text. Anoth­er symp­tom of the prob­lem was e‑mail fail­ing to send prop­erly the first time send/receive was clicked.
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0Logo Microsoft Office OutlookSbarazzarsi del riquadro di lettura di Outlook

Una delle cose più irritanti in MS Outlook è il riquadro di lettura. Non solo è attivata per impostazione predefinita, ma secondo Microsoft non vi è alcun modo per modificare questa impostazione predefinita. Bene, Mi permetto di dissentire. ...

Qui di seguito sono riportate le istruzioni specifiche per Outlook 2007. Altre versioni di Outlook senza dubbio leggermente diverso, ma dovrebbe essere possibile trovare le stesse impostazioni
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