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0شعار جوجل إيرثجوجل الأرض: كيفية إصلاح تراكب نوعية رديئة

I’ve recently had some prob­lems with dis­play­ing large over­lays (gen­er­ated from وكالة ناسا SRTM معطيات) في جوجل الأرض. Although the over­lay data I expor­ted was very detailed google earth was dis­play­ing a blurry mess which was imprac­tic­al for my inten­ded pur­pose. Search­ing around on the ‘net did­n’t reveal any­thing use­ful so as a last resort I tried switch­ing from “Dir­ect X” to “Open GL” mode (تحت أدوات: خيارات).
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