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0Rechtschreibprüfung - Rechtschreibung PolizeiInstallieren Sie eine Rechtschreibprüfung für Ihren Browser

Lassen Sie mich mit einer Zulassung zustande, die beginnen: Ich bin einer von denen Pedanten auf Facebook, die auf Ihre Rechtschreibung korrigieren mag, punc­tu­ation and gram­mar. Some of you will think this is per­fectly reas­on­able, whilst oth­ers will prob­ably want an explan­a­tion. If you are one of the lat­ter read on.

Die einfache Tatsache ist, dass als soziale Spezies unsere Existenz hängt von Kommunikations, the clear­er the bet­ter. When their only con­tact with you is vir­tu­al oth­er people will make judge­ments about you based on what is avail­able to them — includ­ing your SPG.  Ich korrekten Schreibweisen auf Face-book für 2 reas-ons: 1. because I’m a teach­er so it’s a habit; 2. because with mod­ern web-browsers there is quite simply no excuse for incor­rect spelling. So, , jeden ein-Hilfe, here is a quick guide to enabling an auto­mat­ic ‘Microsoft word like” spell-check­er in your web-browser…

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0HTML5 LogoHTML5-Spezifikation fertig gestellt und veröffentlicht!

Letztendlich, die W3C has pub­lished the final HTML5 spe­cific­a­tionDIY Media Home is already writ­ten coded in HTML5, but the final­isa­tion of the spe­cific­a­tion means that HTML5 com­pli­ance is no longer a mov­ing tar­get for either us, or the browser makers. Hope­fully all the main play­ers will provide fully HTML5 com­pli­ant browsers soon. In the mean­time we’ll be work­ing to ensure our site is fully com­pli­ant with the final spec.

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1Mozilla Minenfeld x64Der Fall für x64-Browser?

I’ve recently been using Fire­fox 4 64bit pre­b­eta, also known as Mine­field. I thought it would be inter­est­ing to com­pare vari­ous browsers to see if this sup­ports my feel­ing that Mine­field is the fast­est browser I’ve used. The con­clu­sions are quite inter­est­ing. I will con­tin­ue to update this table as new ver­sions are released
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