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0এএমডি ভিশন ফিউশন প্রিমিয়াম লোগোBrazosTweaker: অথবা AMD brazos E350 Tweaker

As regular readers will know, আমার প্রধান HTPC is currently based on an AMD Brazos E350. I’d like to say a quick thanks to SemiAccurate for their recent article highlighting the excellent BrazosTweaker by Sven Wittek. This tool (and its sibling FusionTweaker) enable the tweaking of P-States (কম শক্তি মোডে ভোল্টেজ) Brazos এবং Llano চিপস, ঠিক যেমন K10Stat, PhenomMsrTweaker, RMClock, CrystalCPUID and others have done in the past. To quote SemiAccurate, “the main purpose of both these tools is to modify the voltages and clock dividers of the built-in P-States on these chips.

The FusionTweaker utility is still somewhat buggy by all reports, but BrazosTweaker seems reliable to me. I highly recommend reading the SemiAccurate article and then grabbing the tool if you have a Brazos HTPC, বা ল্যাপটপ.