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2Logo Mozilla FirefoxRemovendo plugins do Firefox, addons & extensões

Quase 18 meses atrás eu escrevi uma breve nota sobre como retire do fogo-raposa plu-gins deter-minadas, addons e exten-sões which don’t have a “remove” but­ton in the Add-ons man­ager. I have updated and added to the ori­gin­al list, and will con­tin­ue to add any fur­ther plu­gins I encounter here. If in doubt there is usu­ally no harm done by leav­ing or remov­ing any plu­gins, addons or exten­sions. I advise remov­ing all of those that you don’t use as they are using memory and pro­cessing resources and slow fire­fox down. In some cases the sta­bil­ity of the browser can even be under­mined by plu­gins.… Leia o artigo completo