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0Программа проверки орфографии - Правописание полицииУстановите орфографии для вашего браузера

Позвольте мне начать с признания: Я один из тех педантов на Facebook, кто любит, чтобы исправить орфографию, punctuation and grammar. Some of you will think this is perfectly reasonable, whilst others will probably want an explanation. If you are one of the latter read on.

Простой факт состоит в том, что как социальный вид наше существование зависит от общения, the clearer the better. When their only contact with you is virtual other people will make judgements about you based on what is available to themincluding your SPG. Я исправляю варианты написания на Facebook для 2 причины: 1. потому что я учитель так это привычка; 2. because with modern web-browsers there is quite simply no excuse for incorrect spelling. Так, чтобы помочь каждому, here is a quick guide to enabling an automatic ‘Microsoft word likespell-checker in your web-browser

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0HTML5 ЛоготипHTML5 спецификации закончил и опубликовал!

В конце концов, the W3C has published the final HTML5 specification. DIY Media Home is already written coded in HTML5, but the finalisation of the specification means that HTML5 compliance is no longer a moving target for either us, или создатели браузеров. Hopefully all the main players will provide fully HTML5 compliant browsers soon. In the meantime we’ll be working to ensure our site is fully compliant with the final spec.

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1Mozilla Minefield x64The case for x64 browsers?

I’ve recently been using Firefox 4 64bit prebeta, also known as Minefield. I thought it would be interesting to compare various browsers to see if this supports my feeling that Minefield is the fastest browser I’ve used. The conclusions are quite interesting. I will continue to update this table as new versions are released
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