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0গোষ্ঠী নীতি লোগোউইন্ডোজ সার্ভার জন্য কাস্টম ADM ফাইল 2003 / এক্সপি ডোমেইন

আমি একটি পুরানো ব্যাক আপ পুরনো ছিল খনক সিডি today and stumbled upon a cus­tom ADM file I cre­ated when I was admin­is­ter­ing a Win­dows Serv­er 2003 / জয়-dows এর এক্সপি ডোমেন. ব্যবহার, নোট প্যাড মধ্যে fol কম হয়-ing কোড কপি, save the file with a .adm exten­sion on the system32 folder of a domain serv­er. Open Group Policy edit­or and add the file, তারপর সেটিংস যে কোন সক্রিয় করতে "প্রযুক্তিবিদরা সেটিংস 'থেকে ব্রাউজ.
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0Stark Covers LogoFix for Stark Covers crash on x64 systems

I’ve been hav­ing vari­ous issues run­ning Stark Cov­ers ever since I switched to Win­dows 7 x64. Today, after explor­ing I’ve dis­covered the fol­low­ing com­bin­a­tion of fixes.
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0Media Center Master LogoEven more advanced post-processing with MCM

I’ve been look­ing to fur­ther tweak the Media Cen­ter Mas­ter post-pro­cessing script I’ve pre­vi­ously writ­ten about — par­tially to fix a few new files that were being incor­rectly detec­ted by Stark Cov­ers, and also to build in some auto­mat­ic image res­iz­ing which, as I’ve pre­vi­ously detailed, helps to improve the per­form­ance of Media Browser.
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0Media Center Master LogoAdvanced post-processing with Media Center Master

I use Media Cen­ter Mas­ter and Stark­Cov­ers to man­age the metadata for all my loc­al media on my HTPCI like to have HD movies and ডিভিডি use a dif­fer­ent style of cov­er in stark to the style used by low qual­ity files. The fol­low­ing com­mand script accom­plishes this (and a bit more)...
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0অ্যালার্মঘড়ি লোগোপিএইচপি / JavaScript to wake a PC remotely

I have an HTPC and a net­work serv­er on my net­work. My serv­er is always on, কিন্তু HTPC sleeps when it is not in use. If I want to sched­ule record­ings remotely I need a way to wake the HTPCThe solu­tion I came up with is to provide a webpage on my serv­er (pass­word pro­tec­ted) that wakes the HTPC and then redir­ects to the web inter­face of the remote con­trol app of the HTPCBelow is the code for any­one inter­ested…
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0ডেল 3130cn লোগোAdding a print icon to print individual blog posts

In addi­tion to this blog I also have a blog about recipesI decided that I wanted a print icon on the main page for each post so that people can print the recipes. Googling provided vari­ous sug­ges­tions, none of which worked. How­ever, I even­tu­ally cobbled togeth­er the fol­low­ing, which seems to work…
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0ইন্টারনেট এক্সপ্লোরার 9 লোগোএইচটিএমএল ভিত্তিক কর্মসূচী পর্দা জুড়ে প্রদর্শন আরম্ভ করার জন্য কিভাবে

I was asked recently if I could copy a teach­ing resource from a সিডি-রম onto a laptop com­puter. This par­tic­u­lar pro­gram is mostly এইচটিএমএল with some embed­ded videos. ছিল 2 prob­lems with run­ning it from a loc­al short­cut.
1. Inter­net Explorer secur­ity warn­ings
2. The full-screen win­dow is launched by a par­ent browser win­dow which then sits on top of the full screen win­dow and has to be closed when the full screen win­dow is exited
Both of these are only annoy­ances rather than crit­ic­al fail­ures, but a com­plete solu­tion involves fix­ing these kind of things. Find­ing a solu­tion was a little tricky, but once the solu­tion presen­ted itself it was very simple.

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