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2En el interior del disco duro del logotipoArreglo para problemas con Seagate Momentus XT

I’ve had prob­lems with the new Seag­ate Momentus XT hard­drive in my new­est HTPCThe PC was lock­ing up every 48 hours or so (which may have been related to standby), was occa­sion­ally jerky, and upon reboot would often refuse to boot with an error about a miss­ing boot device, which could only be fixed with a hard power cycle. There is a firm­ware update for the drive to SD25 but this did­n’t resolve the issue. How­ever, after I changed the power man­age­ment set­tings in Win­dows 7 to nev­er spin-down the hard­drive, the prob­lems all went away. Suc­cess!

Actualizar (14-Sept-2011).  -Ate Seag ha lanzado SD28 del firmwareThere are reports that this fixes sev­er­al issues and is a worth­while update.