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5Microsoft Security Essentials LogoAnti-virus gratuit / anti-malware pour Windows Server 2008

Microsoft offrent une Beta téléchargeable de la version 2 de leurs sécurité sans Essentials application de sécurité.  Cela fonctionne sur Windows Server.  Pour tous ceux qui (comme moi) qui utilise le serveur 2008 chez soi (par exemple. sur un serveur de fichiers) et les besoins anti-virus, Je recommande fortement ce.

Mettre à jour: Ver-sion 2 finale est maintenant disponible.

0Microsoft Security Essentials LogoMicrosoft AntiVirus updated

Microsoft have now updated their free anti-vir­us to ver­sion 1.0.1500 which is avail­able from win­dows update if you have the pre­vi­ous ver­sion installed (voir my pre­vi­ous post). If you want to install 1.0.1500 without installing the old ver­sion first it can be down­loaded from Microsoft. If you’re in a coun­try where its unavail­able then you can down­load it from Soft­Pe­dia

0Microsoft Security Essentials LogoFree Anti-Virus from Microsoft

Microsoft have released (a few weeks ago) a free Beta of their new Anti-Vir­us / Secur­ity product Microsoft Security Essentials. Unfor­tu­nately as a Royaume-Uni res­id­ent when I vis­it the offi­cial Microsoft page I am told “This beta is avail­able only to cus­tom­ers in the United States, Israel, China and Brazil”. A quick google search quickly turns up a down­load link on Soft­Pe­dia which works. There are down­loads of x86 and x64 ver­sions of Secur­ity Essen­tials for Win­dows XP, Vista and 7