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0Внутри HDD ЛоготипWD Red для хранения

В соответствии с an article on Anandtech, WD have released a new range of HDDs optimised for NAS boxes (and presumably good for use with hardware RAID карты тоже). This have been optimised for streaming, are close in performance to the black series, and also quite economical on power.

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1Внутри HDD ЛоготипАппаратные дисковые и потребительского HDD проблемы

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase a second hand hardware raid 5 карта (Areca 1220) по очень низкой цене. Since then I have used the card along with several sets of drives (originally 300gig, then 750gig and currently 1Tb) in a dedicated server PC as a large network file-store for the family’s music, фото, видео и резервные копии.
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