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0Ultrabook লোগো ল্যাপটপ Vaio সনিএকটি ultrabook তুলনায় উন্নত?

Intel have announced a new initiative to push laptops similar to the MacBook Air. The initial requirements are a weight of up to 1.4Kg, thickness of 20mm and battery life of 5+ ঘন্টা. For manufacturers to qualify for intel marketing money ultrabooks also must have no optical drive, একটি এসএসডি, এবং CULV প্রসেসর.

I have been recently been looking for a similar type of laptopI was asked to find something with excellent performance, 5+ hours battery, 2KG অধীনে, with at least a 13.3″ পর্দা, USB3, অপটিক্যাল ড্রাইভ, নাটকের এবং VGA-. A docking port would be a bonus. দ্রুততর, লাইটার, longer-battery-life the better…. পড়ুন সম্পূর্ণ আর্টিকেল