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0FFmpeg LogoInsoluto: Decodifica VC1 interlacciato in Media Center x64

Mentre il mio setup MediaPC in grado di decodificare quasi tutto buttato a lui, I have had prob­lems decod­ing inter­laced VC1 con­tent. The prob­lem is caused by the fail­ure of ffm­peg to sup­port inter­laced vc1. Whilst there are oth­er codecs (per esempio. cyber-link o arc-soft) these are cur­rently not avail­able as x64. Cyber­link do have an x64 codec for h.264 and mpeg2, but I haven’t been able to get it to work with VC1 con­tent. Hope­fully ffm­peg will fix inter­laced vc1 sup­port soon, ma come il suo stato sul per fare la lista per oltre 2 years I’m not hold­ing my breath