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0Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3'v’ Asus eee PC 901

There are plenty of reviews out there comparing the latest phones, the latest tablets and the latest notebooks, but very few ever reference something more than 18 meses de idade. Most people don’t upgrade their kit anywhere near that frequently which makes the comparisons rather useless. No 4-5 year timeframe which is a more typical upgrade cycle for most people there have been huge changes to the computing power available.

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0Serial Key LogoSubstituindo uma tecla Win XP inválido com uma chave genuína

If you’ve ever been asked to fix a PC and have subsequently discovered it has a non-genuine or inappropriate Windows XP key installed, and you wish to update the key with a legitimate key, for example when a second hand laptop has been installed with a corporate key and needs updating with the OEM key from the sticker still attached to it, you may have run into problems switching between OEM , Volume and Retail versions of windows.
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