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0Logo WordpressWordPress aggiornamenti progresso

I’ve had an issue for a while now where installing word­press updates does­n’t show any mes­sages or pro­gress. The updates gen­er­ally do install but it is tricky to know when the updates have fin­ished. There are a few threads online with pos­sible solu­tions but most of them haven’t been help­ful in my case.
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0Logo WordpressWordPress editor visuale che non funziona

I’ve had an issue for a little while where the word­press visu­al edit­or but­ton stopped work­ing. The code edit­or was fine, and the but­ton for the visu­al edit­or is present but click­ing on it has no effect. After much fid­dling around I finally dis­covered it was being broken by my Con­tent Secur­ity Policy!
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0WordPress cache di Gravatar locale

Mi piace avere avatar indicati per le persone che commento sul mio blog. WordPress supporta il servizio gravatar nativamente consentendo così questo è molto facile. Tuttavia si tratta di un costo - l'accesso ai file esterni da un altro dominio aggiunge un sacco di tempo di caricamento più in forma di nuova DNS le ricerche, nuovo SSL connessioni per fare, eccetera. Would­n’t it be nice to have gravatars stored loc­ally and served from your own serv­er. Beh questo è quello che ho fatto per qualche tempo, se volete sapere come, continuare a leggere…
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0Localizzazione dei link Amazon Affiliati

Di tanto in tanto riferisco prodotti sui miei vari siti web, e di solito collegarli ad Amazon per chiunque sia interessato ad acquistarli. Molto tempo fa ho usato per collegare con collegare un affiliati Amazon, ma mai guadagnato nulla da esso come il mio tipico lettori è ben distribuita in tutto il mondo. Purtroppo Amazon non forniscono un modo per reindirizzare i visitatori al loro sito di Amazon locale, pur conservando ai pagamenti affiliati. Ci sono varie soluzioni là fuori, ma tutti quelli che ho trovato avuto problemi con loro, così ho sviluppato la mia. ... Leggi l'articolo completo

5Logo WordpressAnnunci adsense sopra l'ultimo paragrafo di un post

You may have noticed that we’ve tweaked how we dis­play our adsense ads. We wanted some small text-only ads near the bot­tom of each art­icle, which would be added auto­mat­ic­ally. This took a little bit of tinker­ing, but even­tu­ally we developed a solu­tion which works well and does­n’t seem to knock page pro­cessing times much. Simply add the fol­low­ing code to your theme’s functions.php (non dimenticate di modificare gli ID adsense) ... Leggi l'articolo completo

0bolla CommentoFacilmente impostare il genitore di un commento WordPress

As is doc­u­mented in the site update log, for a while we had a prob­lem with our theme where it was­n’t pos­sible to reply to a com­ment so that the reply would appear cor­rectly in a threaded way. We have no fixed this prob­lem, but have been left with a sig­ni­fic­ant num­ber of com­ments which really need edit­ing so it is easi­er to see what they are in reply to. With a stand­ard word­press install this requires going into the data­base and edit­ing there, which is very tedi­ous. Instead, we’ve used some simple func­tions to add an option to the com­ment-edit admin page, to set the com­ment par­ent there. Even­tu­ally this will be developed into a prop­er plu­gin to enable this func­tion­al­ity. For now the code is below, basta aggiungerlo al functions.php del vostro tema

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1bolla CommentoCommenti Jetpack stile senza Jetpack

One of the best things about word­press is the built-in social aspect provided by com­ments. Get­ting your com­ment sec­tion right can be very import­ant to any web­site, includ­ing ours. Over the years we’ve exper­i­mented with vari­ous com­ment plu­gins includ­ing Dis­qus and more recently Jet­pack. How­ever, we’ve always ended up bring things back in house for man­age­ment, per­form­ance and pri­vacy reas­ons. When I moved back from Jet­pack com­ments I really missed some of the slick fea­tures provided by Jet­pack, both the social-net­work logins and the gen­er­al slick styl­ing. Any­way, to cut a long story short I finally had time today to take a good look at how word­press “does” com­ments and fig­ure out a way to build an in-house sys­tem which looks nice and slick like the com­ment inter­face provided by jet­pack. Best of all its sur­pris­ingly simple and does things the “prop­er” way…
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9Logo WordpressCodice Rich Snippets per il tema Twenty Eleven

Ho pre-vi-mente dettagliata Il codice per l'attivazione ricchi snip-animali in temi word-press vari-dente (Mys-tique 2, Mys-tique 3, tesi & I Like) così come alcuni gen­er­ic instruc­tions. Below is a set of edits to enable rich snip­pets in the built-in word­press twenty elev­en theme.

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0Logo WordpressRich snippet di codice per Me Gusta tema

Ho pre-vi-mente coperto tema modifica per ricchi snip-animali domestici per temi Vari-dente compresi-ing Mys-tique 2, Mys-tique 3tesiventi Eleven così come alcuni gen­er­ic instruc­tions.  Di seguito sono riportati i dettagli del codice per come Val-id-ate ricchi snip-animali in Me Gusta da Cos-mos tema.

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