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3.2 Monetise

Hai fatto il duro lavoro quindi perché non fare un po 'di soldi

3.2.1 Accettare donazioni

Aggiungere un payp­al donate but­ton qualche parte. Vi consiglio di fissare l'importo di donazione piuttosto basso, people can always con­trib­ute more. We also recom­mend put­ting this on a page some­where, and not on your home page. New vis­it­ors are highly unlikely to donate, where­as your reg­u­lar read­ers will find the donate but­ton on their return vis­its. We recom­mend put­ting it on your about page, where it’s easy to find but not obtrus­ive. You can use a plu­gin to do this for you, per esempio donare più

3.2.2 Utilizzare Google Adsense

Simple and easy way to show con­tex­tu­al ads from google adsense. Non andare fuori bordo se, it will repel vis­it­ors. Use your ana­lyt­ics to work out where ad place­ment is most effect­ive. There are plenty of plu­gins for this, but we place ads ourselves by adding the google adsense code to single.php and dir­ectly into a spe­cif­ic places in each page.

3.2.3 Show ads on feed

If you’ve registered for feed­burn­er (see-zione sezione 2.2.2), si può facil-mente abilitare annunci adsense sul feed.

3.2.4 Ask visitors to disable their adblocker

Some users will block your ads with the browser plu­gin adb­lock. It is easy to add a bit of code to show them a polite mes­sage in place of the ads, request­ing that they dis­able the block­er on your site to sup­port you. We have adap­ted our own code based on the art­icle on Joe Riggs Bloggs.

3.2.5 Utilizzare soci amazon

If you reg­u­larly dis­cuss any products you can link to them on Amazon and if your vis­it­ors fol­low the link and pur­chase the item you will get a small com­mis­sion. This is obvi­ously good for you, ma è anche utile per i vostri lettori, anche se non hanno alcun interesse ad acquistare in quanto possono ottenere rapidamente e facilmente un'idea di ciò che la voce si sta parlando assomiglia, Costi, e si suppone che fare.

3.2.6 Catch other potential affiliated links

Iscriviti VigLink and install their plu­gin which will auto­mat­ic­ally affil­i­ate links you haven’t already affil­i­ated. It can also auto­mat­ic­ally add links to unlinked con­tent if you choose to enable the fea­ture. It just might gain you a little extra income for next-to-no work.

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