0GATSO高速摄影机标志TomTom公司Speed​​Cam高速警报 - INC欧元区

和许多人一样我用的TomTom卫星导航, 而我的一个大风扇 高速摄像机数据库 provided by Pock­et­G­PSWorld. It is also pos­sible to down­load some nice 警报PGPSW, 但我发现的哔哔声是相当恼人, and the max­im­um speed sup­por­ted is 70, 这是很好的 联合王国, but isn’t very help­ful for maps of Europe. As a res­ult I have mashed togeth­er an altern­at­ive set that I think are much nicer. Get them from the 降负荷 页。他们为工作 联合王国 和欧洲的地图。欧元的人上升到130这两套有一个更好的声音 (女) and a nicer alert beep. By all means try them out. They install and oper­ate exactly the same as the ones offered by PGPSW, 如果您需要帮助安装它们看看有.

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