0PSU LogoEfficient PSU Upgrades: HuntKey Jumper update

I spot­ted a much cheap­er 80+ gold PSU in the ebuy­er xmas sales, and decided to look up some reviews. I found a review on anandtech which I must have some­how missed in the past. In light of this dis­cov­ery, I’ve updated my pre­vi­ous art­icles about PSU effi­ciency to include the HuntKey Jump­er 300G (aka R90).  The price of this PSU changes the con­clu­sions of 2 of the 4 scen­ari­os I’ve pre­vi­ously detailed, and I have in fact ordered one at the dis­count price of £20, for use in my cur­rent serv­erAfter tak­ing into account that my cur­rent serv­er PSU (an Ener­max Nois­e­Taker 475 from 2004) is approx­im­ately 80% effi­cient rather than the 70% worst case I use in the art­icles, I’m hop­ing to net sav­ings of around £20 per year.

Anoth­er bene­fit of the HuntKey will be the inclu­sion of more SATA con­nect­ors than the Ener­max (4 to 2) as I cur­rently have to use a lot of split­ters to power all the HDDs. The HuntKey Jump­er also provides a high­er pro­por­tion of its power through the 12V out­puts which is more suit­able for a mod­ern PC, and finally, the HuntKey offers much more vent­il­a­tion than the old Ener­max. Over­all I think a pay­back time of around 1 year is very reas­on­able. For the updated effi­ciency art­icles see below.

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