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0HTML5 LogoResponsive lazy backgrounds instead of css background-image

I’ve recently been work­ing on an update/overhaul of both my vari­ous web­sites and the serv­er backend. As part of this pro­cess I’ve been try­ing ot make sure everything is using the latest stand­ards to max­im­ise per­form­ance and com­pat­ab­il­ity. One of the best fea­tures of recent ver­sions of word­press is the nat­ive sup­port for respons­ive images — where the img­set=”” attribut eis used to sup­ply altern­at­ive sizes of images in a group so the browser can use the most appro­pri­ate. In com­bin­a­tion with async load­ing and lazy load­ing this can make pages load far faster whilst still look­ing good to all vis­it­ors. How­ever css has not adop­ted these new­er fea­tures so back­ground images are much trick­i­er to deal with. It can be done though…
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