0Media Logo BrowserAggiornamenti: MediaBrowser 2.6 e TunerFreeMCE 5.0.8

Negli ultimi giorni il mio 2 favour­ite plu­gins for Media Cen­ter have been updated. I highly recom­mend installing both updates — Whilst Tuner­Free­MCE has only had a minor ver­sion update, Media Browser has added sev­er­al sig­ni­fic­ant new fea­tures.

Media Browser 2.6 (Atlas)

  • Full sup­port for extern­al play­ers has been added, which in some instances may improve play­back per­form­ance or format sup­port
  • Box Sets are now prop­erly recog­nised
  • Auto­mat­ic down­load­ing of act­or images
  • Improve­ments to intern­al metadata pro­viders
  • Lots of oth­er tweaks and bug fixes


Full changelog

TunerFreeMCE 5.0.8

Only a minor ver­sion update, but when installed prompts for a fresh update of secur­ity com­pon­ents, so I sus­pect some chan­nels wont work cor­rectly without this update


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