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0VPS ServerNew VPS host

تو, there haven’t been many new art­icles on the site in the last 2–3 months.  Partly this is because we’ve been busy in our day jobs, but also it is because we decided it was time to move to a VPS instead of our pre­vi­ous host­ing pack­age.  تو, to cut a very long story short, we’re now up and run­ning on the new host.  There is still a lot of tweak­ing and tinker­ing to do, but the site should be not­ic­ably faster thanks to vari­ous cach­ing and oth­er options we’ve been able to use with the VPS.  Once everything has settled down and is fully func­tion­al you can expect quite a few new art­icles, start­ing with a sub­stan­tial (7,000 word and grow­ing) guide to how to set up a VPS!

مطلب وقت میں, if you find any broken func­tion­al­ity please let us know with a com­ment, e‑mail or mes­sage via social net­work. You can also see more details on the changes we’ve been mak­ing on our [int­link id=“2807” type=“page”]سائٹ اپ ڈیٹس کو لاگ[/intlink].

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0ونڈوز 8 علامت (لوگو)ونڈوز کے خلاف تین مزید حملے 8

In case the Metro UI isn’t[int­link id=“2543” type=“post”]repellent[/intlink] enough, Microsoft have admit­ted 3 more things that should make any­one con­sid­er­ing Win­dows 8 think twice.… Read Full Article

0VLC logoVLC کے ساتھ BluRays چل رہا ہے

There have been a couple of inter­est­ing art­icles on Anandtech in the last couple of days. First was a review of a سستا CEC آلہ by Pulse-Eight which hope­fully sig­nals the arrival of more choice for HTPC remote con­trols. Of great­er interest is the news of a “hack” for VLC which enables the play-back of com­mer­cial (encryp­ted) BluRays. Nightly builds of VLC since 1.2 include sup­port for BluRay play­back. All you need for it to fully func­tion is an AACS keys data­base, a quick google should provide one.

0DIYMediaHome سوشل میڈیا پر اب دستیاب ہے

کے حالیہ restyling کے فالونگ DIY میڈیا ہوم ہم معروف سوشل میڈیا کی سائٹس سے منسلک کرنے پر کام کر رہے ہیں. اب ہم پر پایا جا سکتا فیس بک, ٹویٹر اور Google+ کی. ہمارے نئے مواد خود بخود ان کو شریک کیا جائے گا 3 معروف سماجی پلیٹ فارم آپ کو ان کے ذریعے اس کے ساتھ ساتھ کے ذریعے ہم سے عمل کر سکتے ہیں، تاکہ موجودہ آر ایس ایس فیڈز یا ای میل.

0Haali Matroska logoHaali میڈیا Splitter کے: سرکاری سائٹ

HTPC related sites and resources seem to be drop­ping like flies at the moment. First[int­link id=“1918” type=“post”]میڈیا سینٹر سٹوڈیو disappeared[/intlink], پھر [int­link id=“2141” type=“post”] developed problems[/intlink], and now the offi­cial site for Haali Media Split­ter is down. For­tu­nately the media split­ter can still be down­loaded from lots of oth­er sites, and we will keep a mir­ror here in case oth­er sites drop it. There are also altern­at­ives, includ­ing the MPC-ہائی کورٹ stan­dalone codecs and LAV. Links to these are avail­able on our[int­link id=“741” type=“page”]ڈاؤن لوڈز[/intlink] page. Lets hope that this is the last in the recent series of HTPC related losses.

0میڈیا براؤزر علامتریلیز: میڈیا براؤزر 2.5.2 (اپالو)

Today Media Browser 2.5.2 code­name Apollo was released.

The main new fea­ture is the sup­port for 3D movies. Oth­er­wise this update does­n’t bring as many changes as some pre­vi­ous releases, but it is worth not­ing that Win­dows Vista is no longer supported.
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0MCEBuddy لوگوMCEBuddy — v2 Beta 14

MCE-بڈی 2 بیٹا 14 has been released. It’s the first release in a long time that is a com­plete pro­gram. It also includes offi­cial x64 sup­port. There are still some major issues remain­ing, but with­in those lim­its it should be an excel­lent solu­tion for con­vert­ing wtv files and strip­ping adverts from them.

0Antec فیوژن ریموٹ HTPC کیس علامتHTPC GPU کا موازنہ

Anandtech has an excel­lent art­icle com­par­ing 4 bot­tom end GPU’s for HTPCکےThe art­icle is extens­ive and does a good job of explain­ing issues of fram­er­ate tim­ing, cadence detec­tion, tele­cin­ing and pull­down as well as com­par­ing the 4 GPU’s. As we don’t believe in rein­vent­ing the wheel — we recom­mend any­one build­ing a HTPC setup read the art­icle before set­ting out.