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Bene, I suspect the title is going to give it away. I downloaded Windows 8 8250 Anteprima consumatore di oggi, e quasi immediatamente reso conto che così com'è sto andando per evitare di Windows 8 like the plague. As far as I’m concerned the UI cambiamenti attualmente fanno di Windows 8 il peggior rilascio di Windows mai (ancora peggio di Windows ME!)

Simply putMicrosoft have taken the excellent Windows 7, torn off the well balanced and integrated desktop UI and stitched on some awful Windows Phone 7 type interface. Given that Windows 7 per desktop PC has been considerably more successful than Windows Phone 7, you have to wonder what Microsoft were thinking.

Another way of putting this is to wonder why Microsoft seem so desperate to put a Phone/Tablet UI into a laptop/desktop PC environment. They don’t seem to realise that the very BEST thing about a proper PC is precisely that it ISN’T a phone or a tablet. People that want those kind of interfaces will buy those kind of devices. per di più – people that want limited choice and childish shiny interfaces have already all bought Apple products and wont be coming back.

Unless they change course I suspect that all microsoft will do is alienate the power users and amateur techies and drive them to Linux (o in alcuni casi Apple). In the longer term this may prove a bigger miscalculation than MS realises. If you have moved to linux yourself what are you likely to do when you friends, family, neighbours and all those other people who rely on you for tech support ask you what they should run on their PC in the future? Se devono imparare qualcosa di completamente nuovo UI they might as well learn the one that you yourself use because you can help them with it. And assuming that is linux, it wont be all that hard to persuade people to move to a FREE alternative, esepcially given that current linux UIs are much more similar to windows 7 than windows 8 è.

As far as Windows Server is concerned, I don’t know if the same crackpot changes have been forced on the UI Là, but I can only hope sanity set in. I’ll be trying it soon and will update this post accordingly.

Nel frattempo, I recommend sticking with Windows 7, and hope by the time Microsoft pull the plug on Windows 7 support they have decided to go back to a proper desktop UI.


Ho posted an update with details of how to restore the traditional start menu

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Finestre 8 sta per serbatoio di Microsoft. Per la prima volta in 20 years I’m thinking about an alternative OS. And another opinion of mine is that the desktop PC is not going away. It’s used in business and has a huge gaming community. MS totally dropped the ball with this metro interface. A nessuno che conosco piace.

gravatarJon Scaife

Ci vorrà più di 1 failure to put them to the sword. Guarda come vinci bene 7 recovered them from the Vista disaster. I agree that standard PC’s will still be around for a good while longer, but innovation has moved away quite a lot. Se, in 5 o 10 anni, you can sit at your desk which has a monitor, mouse and keyboard only, and they wirelessly connect to the smartphone in your pocket, Penso che ucciderà laptop e desktop.
In the nearer term thoughjust keep using Windows 7 – it’s excellent and does everything Win 8 può fare.

gravatarNoi s

Finestre 8 is beyond bad and frustrating. Microsoft ha fatto saltare in aria alla grande e lo sanno. We were in a Best Buy two weeks ago and three other couples were also looking for a computer with Windows 7. We exchanged contact information when we found Windows 7 computers contacted the others with information. Ever heard of theNew Coke”?


Finestre 8 è pieno di pubblicità. È come se una stronza di bambini salti fuori dappertutto. Lo odio. È spazzatura totale.

gravatarM Widdy

Ho dovuto comprare una nuova macchina, and picked up a desktop with Windows 8. Oh ragazzo. Devo riavviare un paio di volte al giorno. Le app si bloccano. Internet connections quit working. Etc

I should have looked for a desktop with Windows 7. Grrr….. My adviceWait until Windows 8 is either ‘cleaned upor wait for the next OS.

gravatarPj Patton

Finestre 8 is the most intolerable system I have ever worked with and I’m a software developer from the stone agemaybe that’s the problem but….”oh my god guysyou screwed up! I want my money back or a revision of some kind.


PJ, Non sentirti male. I love new technology, but I have to agree that Windows 8 is horrible. Ha così tanti bug, glitch, and issues that it makes me want to go back to Windows 7 desperately. Quando il PC va a dormire, it doesn’t want towake uphalf the time. Program glitches appear throughout the program, such as when Photoshop is open, you have to change some of the “Prestazione” settings as Windows 8 causes glitches within the program, così come le barre del titolo che diventano tutte retrò quando non ce n'è bisogno. The real problem is that computer manufacturers are trying to push everyone towards cloud data, e francamente, I like knowing my information is safely stored on my computer. It’s sad to see this downward spiral of technology, but if we look atStar Trek” (Mi dispiace, but it coincides with this), it’s something that has been coming for a while. Negli spettacoli, all of the computer systems are integrated so that information is shared with pretty much anyone. Think Facebook, Cromo OS, iCloud, eccetera. Questo OS non è facile da usare, ed è pieno di problemi.

gravatarDiogo Pinto

The level of stupid on this page is unbelievable. All of you are spoutingOh mio Dio CAMBIA MALE DA CUI VOGLIO LE STESSE FINESTRE 95 PLS”, This release was meant unify the Microsoft ecosystem, its intuitive and easy to use. You can download add-ons that disable the MetroUI you guys hate so much but I find it easy to use and much faster than Windows 7.

Finestre 8 shows that Microsoft does more than just repackage an old OS e prova a ripubblicarlo. They try to innovate and add new features. Unity desktop for Ubuntu didn’t give you the option to get the old system back, you STILL have the desktop in Windows 8 and because of how open Windows is, puoi installare i tuoi mod e componenti aggiuntivi per farlo sembrare come vuoi che appaia.

Sto usando il 8400 release since it was made available and let me tell you, I haven’t used a better OS di questo.

gravatarJon Scaife

Bene, thank you for your comment, anche se preferisco che le cose non diventino personali.

I’m delighted you like the Windows 8 user interface. Do you also think it is suitable for a server OS (per esempio. Server 2012)? There is an article on this site detailing how to disable the metro UIand to make Windows 8 properly usable with a mouse and keyboard this is what is pretty much required. However the workarounds are clunky and I see no good reason for Microsoft not to have given end users, o almeno utenti finali a livello di amministratore, la scelta. How would including the choice have harmed anyone? They could have learned from the mistakes made with Unity on Ubuntulots of former Ubuntu users switched distros pretty damned fast. The failure of Microsoft to take note of this makes their decision even less sensible.

I’m notstuck in the pastwhen it comes to new technologyI loved android on my old HTC desire from day 1 – and I’d moved from a Nokia classic 6300 so the change couldn’t have been much more stark. I also loved Windows XP when that first came out and upgraded from Windows 2000 immediamente. Lots of people didn’t like the visual styles of XP at the time, but that was OK because Microsoft left the option to turn them off and go back to a Windows 2000 stile. I’ve never had much of a problem withUser Account Controleither – ma ancora una volta, Microsoft ha dato alle persone la possibilità di disattivarlo. Last but by no means least there is STILL a command shell available for those peoplestuckin the days of DOS. L'installazione non è riuscita nella fase SAFE_OS con un errore durante l'operazione REPLACE_OC 8 interface looks pretty decent for touchscreen devices – i.e. tablets and phones. I particularly like the look of theSurfaceand am very tempted to get one. But I don’t want my lovely desktop IPS panel to be touch screenI want my full powered professional-use desktop to have an interface properly optimised for a keyboard and mouse – Finestre 8 just doesn’t offer that, but there is no good reason for it not to. This is doubly annoying as Microsoft HAVE added some really excellent features to Windows 8 – “spazi di stoccaggio” to give but one example.

Personally I still think Windows 8 is Microsoft trying toout-Apple” Mela. This is doomed to failure because people that want simplistic rubbish will always buy Apple, and even Apple didn’t try to put the iOS interface onto their Macs


The original commenter may not want to make things personal but I am more than happy to oblige. Mi dispiace dirlo, that only someone who looks at outward appearances would think that the new Metro UI è il migliore in assoluto. O sei un troll, or you are just plain superficial. There is no functional improvement to the new UI, especially for PC users who do not use touch. E BTW, some of us actually prefer to use the mouse at home, and the keyboard. I like to actually press a button and feel some feedback, plus typing and actually being able to feel home row under my fingers. I’m not saying there’s NO interface for this, but it certainly is much much poorer than beforeAnd with thousands of others saying the same thing, how can you possibly make this a valid argument. I could waste time all day invalidating, ma penso che tu abbia capito il punto. We aren’t crying for old interfaces, we just don’t care for stupid new changes with meaningless and unusable features and removal of features that have been a defining aspect of windows since the very start. E come ho detto, i don’t making it personal by adding the most obvious fact that you must be an idiot to think such things.


unbelievable, ms che fa la cosa peggiore ogni volta, hanno cambiato tutto ciò che è stato utilizzato sa. now if you using windows 8, sei il nuovo nato.

I think all the new born baby working on the windows8.

gravatarBalena assassina

There’s no way I’m going to switch to Windows 8 as long as it “Caratteristiche” this horrendous UI.

gravatarChris Williams

dear oh dear what is this absolute mess called windows 8? i make a living out of fixing pc’s and helping divs who can’t fathom out the simplest of windows xp – 7 commands yet in windows 8 mi sento come uno di questi div. i tried looking at some pictures and could barely find my way out. i ended up with two identical pictures showing side by side but only 50% of each visible. i was completely lost and if this is the future of windows OS poi mi arrendo, i don’t want to support it.


One of the supposed benefits of Windows 8 è piastrelle dal vivo. After playing with the Windows 8 preview, I don’t see any benefit of them.

Take the mail rectangle. Passa attraverso alcune delle mie e-mail più recenti sul riquadro. Bene, so for that to be of benefit to me, I have to sit and watch the rectangle until it changes to the next message (e il prossimo). The next message may be spam or irrelevant, in modo che il tempo sia sprecato. Devo ancora guardarlo e dire wow, that was useful not having to go into my email! E se vedi un'email, you still have to click on it to actually read it. It’s a gimmick, chiaro e semplice.

To make matters worse, if you’re in an office environment (especially one covered under HIPPA), you have to be aware that leaving your computer on the Start screen could release sensitive information. Or if you’ve got a personal email coming in, it might be quite embarrassing. Quindi quando te ne vai per un minuto, what state do you leave the computer in?

Finestre 8 è solo mal pensato. It reminds me too much of the old menu systems that were created BEFORE Windows to make life easier for users. All Microsoft has to do now is add a keyboard shortcut number to each tile and the circle of computing life will be completewelcome back to DOS!

gravatarRichard Dale

I’m a mac user but I use Windows to test websites on and use the occasional bit of CAD. I’ve just installed the latest build of Windows 8 as of Mid April 2012.

Its the most unintuitive OS Che io abbia mai usato, why have they removed the Start Button that has been the bedrock of the Windows OS per tanti anni???

Apple have also taken this idea of brining what they have learnt from iOS to the Mac OS e non mi piace. At least Apple have done it with some sense of style and usability, what Microsoft have done is a joke.

Perché ogni OS in questi giorni progettato per i manichini?


Sono d'accordo qui, now I am much less shy at recommending people to migrate to Linux because Microsoft is making these horrible UI changes which require a lot of relearning anyway.


Bene, Penso che non sia giusto dire che Linux sta facendo la stessa cosa. Ubuntu is on the wrong way and going Microsoft-style with a horrible UI cambiare a questa schifosa Unity. Ma Linux non è Ubuntu. Hai scelta in Linux, use another distribution! I use Mageia Linux and I am very happy with the traditional interface without Unity =)


Sono totalmente d'accordo, che immondizia totale. I can’t stand this thing. Dopo 30 years of using computers I feel like a total noob that has to learn how to use a computer all over again. L'unica cosa MS is good at is annoying me. Vorrei avere un centesimo per ogni volta che ho imprecato MS mentre uso il mio PC. Finestre 8 DAVVERO merda!. Hiding everything, dragging windows left, diritto, su, giù. Totally stupid. Sometimes things get full screen and you don’t know how to get out. MS always tops themselves with each and every new OS more stupidt than the previous. Penso che qualcun altro abbia creato Win 7, va bene e finalmente ho pensato MS got it together but now, blaaaa….


I tried the Customer Preview for the last few days and I have to say, I absolutely hate it! Quello che ha usato per prendere 2 i clic ora richiedono 5 o 6. It is as if everyone has gone full r****d trying to cram tablet OSes on Desktops. In Linux they are trying the same thing. Ubuntu ha lanciato Unity, which is attempting the same concept. Potrei ancora vivere (tolerate) Unità, but could never live tolerate Windows 8 è semplicemente troppo orribile.