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تحديث: See solu­tion at the bot­tom of this post

When updat­ing plu­gins the fol­low­ing pro­gress mes­sages should be dis­played. In my case they are not show­ing up.

The update pro­cess is start­ing. This pro­cess may take awhile on some hosts, لذا يرجى التحلي بالصبر.
Enabling Main­ten­ance mode…
Updat­ing Plu­gin plu­gin-name
Down­load­ing update from plugins.
Unpack­ing the update…
تثبيت أحدث إصدار.
Remov­ing the old ver­sion of the plugin…
Plu­gin upgraded successfully.
Akismet updated suc­cess­fully. إظهار / إخفاء التفاصيل.
Dis­abling Main­ten­ance mode. تم الانتهاء من جميع التحديثات.
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This applies to all oth­er updates too, والتي يوجد على قائمة كاملة على word­press موقع

Prob­ably the most com­mon cause is بي أتش بي zlib com­pres­sion as described by kung­fu­josh on the word­press for­ums. Sadly I already have zlib com­pres­sion set to off so that isn’t my issue.

The issue must be a set­ting in word­press, فب-التيار الوطني الحر, or nginx some­where but I have been unable to loc­ate it so far.
تحديث: I have ruled out causes in php.ini and the php-fpm con­fig file using a full test VM. There appear to be mul­tiple nginx set­tings inter­act­ing that are caus­ing the issue for me.

The first set­tings that seem to be rel­ev­ant are the use of gzip and brotli being turned on. This seems to pre­vent the page load­ing pro­gress­ively. It should be easy enough to turn these off for the updates page using a little cus­tom func­tion in word­press that sets the con­tent-encod­ing such that nginx wont com­press the files

Unfor­tu­nately this on it’s own has­n’t proven the solu­tion to my updat­ing issues as some­thing else causes the page to nev­er dis­play any out­put, pro­gress­ive or oth­er­wise. There is anoth­er nginx set­ting that is needed.

After much search­ing I finally iden­ti­fied the issue in my head­ers that are set.

تغيير بسيط من add_header X-Frame-Options DENY always; إلى add_header X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN always;

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