前面的文章 我建议在安装Xiph编解码器支持 FLAC 在64位媒体播放器和媒体中心的文件. 一位评论 (我感谢thom007) 该帖子指出,Xiph编解码器,打破媒体播放器的“文件类型”对话框 12. 下面是一个工作围绕恢复文件类型对话框. 可能的副作用是未知数, 所以实验需要您自担风险.

To restore the file-type func­tion­al­ity open an elev­ated com­mand prompt and unre­gister dsfOggDemux2.dll by run­ning regsvr32 /u "c:\program files (x86)\xiph.org\ogg codecs\dsfOggDemux2.dll".

This fix will inev­it­ably break some func­tion­al­ity, at a guess related to ogg files, but I do not know what yet. Give it a try and feel free to post your exper­i­ences. I have tested that FLAC files still play­back ok with this fix, but I haven’t tested any of the oth­er formats sup­por­ted by Xiph.


There is a second issue with the xiph codecs I have become aware of. If you install both 32bit and 64bit codecs on a 64bit sys­tem both sets of codecs will install to C:\程序文件 (86) — and one set will over-write the oth­er. To avoid this issue change the install path of the 64bit codecs to just C:程序文件

更新资料 2:

The issue in update 1 has now been resolved in the Xiph installers

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