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0connexion Wi-Fi sans fil 802.11 ABGN LogoRésolu: Wireless problème de streaming vidéo

I have a very strange issue which is caus­ing prob­lems play­ing videos over a wire­less-n net­work. Play­ing the videos causes the net­work to drop out after a short peri­od. Some­times this only lasts for 2–3 seconds, which just causes a video stut­ter. Oth­er times the drop out is more per­man­ent and takes nearly a minute to recov­er, à moins que la radio sans fil est désactivée et retour sur, quoi reconstruction nca-tion se produit.
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0Nexus RealSilent 120 Logo Fan d'OrangeProblèmes de stabilité

I’ve been hav­ing some sta­bil­ity issues with my HTPC recently. A rein­stall didn’t help so I con­cluded it was hard­ware. Remov­ing all non essen­tials didn’t help either so I figured it must be CPU, memory or mobo related. Noth­ing is over­clocked or tweaked and its all fairly recent brand name kit. I stress tested the CPU and memory without caus­ing either to fail, but I con­tin­ued to get occa­sion­al lockups and inter­mit­tent slug­gish per­form­ance.
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0Ultrabook logo ordinateur portable sony vaioGetting inside an Asus A2xxx

J'ai récemment eu à pénétrer à l'intérieur d'un vieux-ish Asus A2500 ordinateur portable pour étudier un problème avec le CD-ROM entraînement (et de mettre à niveau la mémoire et ajouter une carte réseau sans fil). Most laptops have a cov­er above the key­board that pops off, but on this par­tic­u­lar laptop it didn’t seem attached in the usu­al way.
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0Ultrabook logo ordinateur portable sony vaioRéparation des Ordinateurs portables HP et autre matériel à moindre coût

I was recently asked to look at the touch­pad on a HP Pavil­ion DV2000 laptop which had a faulty left but­ton. Spares and repairs for laptops are often hard to come by so I was pleased to find the HP Ser­vice manu­al as a PDF, which included all the part num­bers, and then very pleased to find that HP offer an extens­ive dir­ect sales ser­vice for most parts via the HP PartSurfer. Suf­fice to say this laptop is now fixed, pour un prix très bas. Good move by HP — I won­der if oth­er major man­u­fac­tur­ers provide a sim­il­ar ser­vice?

0Matériel PC CPU RAM Mise à jourNe pas utiliser trop de TIM!

A quick note of warn­ing about apply­ing Thermal Grease / Heat­sink Com­pound to CPU'S. Don’t use loads! Not only will it not work very effect­ively, if you really go over­board it can leak over the sides of the cpu and get under­neath as it has in the image. Ce CPU (A pen­ti­um 4) was giv­en to me as “I think its broken”.
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0Matériel PC CPU RAM Mise à jourOld K7S6A mère Mod

Bien, so this tip wont prove use­ful to many people, but as the ori­gin­al site seems to have dis­ap­peared I’m post­ing it to keep it alive.

If you have an Élite Group (ECS) K7S6A mother­board for AMD Sock­et A and you want to upgrade to a “Thor­ough­bred” Ath­lon XP Pro­cessor it is pos­sible by remov­ing a single small com­pon­ent from the mother­board.
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