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0PSU标志低功耗PC - 新的或旧的PSU

I have a serv­er that oper­ates 24.7. It occurred to me that I may be able to save some money on elec­tri­city bills if I could reduce its power con­sump­tion. It already has a low power AMD Sem­pron LE-1100 CPU so the power draw of the sys­tem should be quite low, 但 电源供应器 is quite old and not espe­cially effi­cient. This got me think­ing about Power sup­plies designed for low power sys­tems. There are plenty of 80+ cer­ti­fied 电源供应器’s out there with 500+ watt rat­ings, but are these actu­ally worth the invest­ment for a low power system?

0无线WiFi 802.11 ABGN标志已解决: 无线视频流的问题

I have a very strange issue which is caus­ing prob­lems play­ing videos over a wireless‑n net­work. Play­ing the videos causes the net­work to drop out after a short peri­od. Some­times this only lasts for 2–3 seconds, 这只是导致视频口吃。其他时候,辍学是更持久,并需要将近一分钟恢复, 除非无线电台被关闭并重新打开, 于是重建NEC tion发生.

0Nexus RealSilent 120 橙色风扇徽标稳定性问题

我一直有一些稳定性问题我 HTPC 最近. A rein­stall did­n’t help so I con­cluded it was hard­ware. Remov­ing all non essen­tials did­n’t help either so I figured it must be CPU, 内存或主板相关. 没有什么是超频或调整了其所有的相当近期的名牌包. 我压力测试的 CPU 和内存没有喧嚣-ING要么失败, but I con­tin­ued to get occa­sion­al lockups and inter­mit­tent slug­gish performance.


我最近得到一个老十岁上下的华硕A2500笔记本电脑内部的调查问题 光盘-只读存储器 驾驶 (并升级内存,并添加一个无线网卡). 大多数笔记本电脑有一个弹出关闭键盘上方的盖子, 但在这个特别的笔记本电脑也似乎没有附以通常的方式.


最近有人要求我查看一下HP Pavilion DV2000笔记本电脑的触摸板,该笔记本电脑的左键有问题. 通常很难进行笔记本电脑的备件和维修,因此我很高兴找到 HP服务手册 有一个 PDF, 其中包括所有零件号, 然后非常高兴地发现HP通过以下方式为大多数零件提供了广泛的直销服务: 惠普PartSurfer. 可以说这台笔记本电脑现已固定, 一个非常低的价格. Good move by HP — I won­der if oth­er major man­u­fac­tur­ers provide a sim­il­ar service?