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0闹钟标志PHP / JavaScript的远程唤醒电脑

我有一个 HTPC 我的网络上的网络服务器。我的服务器始终开启, 但 HTPC 睡觉时不使用。如果我想远程调度录音,我需要一种方法来唤醒 HTPC.  我想出了一个解决方案是提供我的服务器上的网页 (密码保护) 在唤醒 HTPC 然后重定向到的远程控制应用程序的web界面 HTPC.  下面是任何有兴趣的代码...
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I was asked to invest­ig­ate why some video cap­ture util­ity which is part of the soft­ware pack­age for the Quiz­dom Tab­let was­n’t load­ing cor­rectly on a par­tic­u­lar laptop. 调查显示,quizdom采用XviD编解码器,并安装它作为其安装例程的一部分. 有问题的笔记本电脑已经有了一个视频编解码器安装的是能够XviD格式的视频解码, 而在此之前的编解码器有比quizdom安装在本地的XviD编码解码器更高的优点. 禁用XviD格式支持该编解码器被证明是解决. 任何与独立 MPC-HC 解压安装或ffdshow的可能会遇到这个问题

0GATSO高速摄影机标志TomTom公司Speed​​Cam高速警报 - INC欧元区

和许多人一样我用的TomTom卫星导航, 而我的一个大风扇 高速摄像机数据库 provided by Pock­et­G­PSWorld. It is also pos­sible to down­load some nice 警报PGPSW, 但我发现的哔哔声是相当恼人, and the max­im­um speed sup­por­ted is 70, 这是很好的 联合王国, but isn’t very help­ful for maps of Europe. As a res­ult I have mashed togeth­er an altern­at­ive set that I think are much nicer. Get them from the 降负荷 页。他们为工作 联合王国 和欧洲的地图。欧元的人上升到130这两套有一个更好的声音 (女) and a nicer alert beep. By all means try them out. They install and oper­ate exactly the same as the ones offered by PGPSW, 如果您需要帮助安装它们看看有.


除了这个博客,我也有一个 博客有关食谱I decided that I wanted a print icon on the main page for each post so that people can print the recipes. Googling provided vari­ous sug­ges­tions, none of which worked. How­ever, I even­tu­ally cobbled togeth­er the fol­low­ing, 这似乎工作...
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0无线WiFi 802.11 ABGN标志已解决: 无线视频流的问题

I have a very strange issue which is caus­ing prob­lems play­ing videos over a wireless‑n net­work. Play­ing the videos causes the net­work to drop out after a short peri­od. Some­times this only lasts for 2–3 seconds, 这只是导致视频口吃。其他时候,辍学是更持久,并需要将近一分钟恢复, 除非无线电台被关闭并重新打开, 于是重建NEC tion发生.
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0Nexus RealSilent 120 Orange Fan Logo稳定性问题

我一直有一些稳定性问题我 HTPC 最近. A rein­stall did­n’t help so I con­cluded it was hard­ware. Remov­ing all non essen­tials did­n’t help either so I figured it must be CPU, 内存或主板相关. 没有什么是超频或调整了其所有的相当近期的名牌包. 我压力测试的 CPU 和内存没有喧嚣-ING要么失败, but I con­tin­ued to get occa­sion­al lockups and inter­mit­tent slug­gish per­form­ance.
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0Juice Podcaster LogoProblem with Juice — solved

For a while I’ve used the pod­cast man­ager Juice. I’ve been very happy for a while, but the oth­er day it sud­denly stopped run­ning for no obvi­ous reas­on. Unin­stalling and rein­stalling did­n’t resolve the issue, but after some dig­ging I dis­covered the unin­stall­a­tion pro­cess was­n’t delet­ing the set­tings file. On Win­dows XP this is loc­ated in C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data and is a folder called iPod­der (not Juice!). Delet­ing this folder and then rein­stalling Juice restored it to its former glory.