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0Succo di Podcaster LogoProblema con Juice - risolto

Per un po 'ho usato il manager del podcast Succo. Sono stato molto felice per un po ', ma l'altro giorno ha improvvisamente smesso di funzionare senza alcun motivo evidente. Unin­stalling and rein­stalling did­n’t resolve the issue, but after some dig­ging I dis­covered the unin­stall­a­tion pro­cess was­n’t delet­ing the set­tings file. In Windows XP questo si trova in C:\Documents and Settings Dati applicazioni ed è una cartella chiamata iPodder (non Juice!). L'eliminazione di questa cartella e poi succo di reinstallarlo riportato al suo antico splendore.


Con riferimento alla mia post di ieri, Ho scoperto, via Nigel Des­sau’s blog (chiuso da AMD dal momento che questo articolo è stato pubblicato), che ATI sarà il rilascio di una correzione per questo problema nel Catalyst 10.2 (Febbraio 2010) rilascio. Questa è una notizia fantastica, grazie ATI!
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0Logo Microsoft Office OutlookProspettiva 2007 generating corruption in some sent e‑mails

I recently encountered a very strange prob­lem in out­look 2007. E‑mails sent to large num­bers of recip­i­ents (approx 30) were suf­fer­ing from some cor­rup­tion where a large part of the head­er was appear­ing in the con­tent of the e‑mail. The appeared as a long string of ran­dom char­ac­ters fol­lowed by some text (eg “Sosha1_v1;7” and “x‑cr-puzzleid”) that sug­ges­ted the garbled text was part of the out­look anti-spam “post­mark” fea­ture. The e‑mail mes­sage appeared as nor­mal below this cor­rupt text. Anoth­er symp­tom of the prob­lem was e‑mail fail­ing to send prop­erly the first time send/receive was clicked.
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0All'interno HDD LogoAccelerare Media Browser

An art­icle on Hack7MC caught my eye a couple of months ago, but I have only just got around to fol­low­ing up on it. The idea is to speed up the Media Browser plu­gin for Media Cen­ter by mov­ing its lib­rary to a Cheap USB Flash drive, which hope­fully offers much bet­ter per­form­ance than nor­mal hard-disk drives. The first thing I did was test a couple of flash-based devices that I have against my desktop Hard­Drive…
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0Dial-Up LogoFinestre 7 dial-up connection autodial

Over the xmas hol­i­days I was asked to look at a few issues with a fam­ily PC. One of the prob­lems was a minor annoy­ance related to the modem-based DSL inter­net con­nec­tion. The dial up box has a tick box which says “con­nect auto­mat­ic­ally”. Although this box was ticked, when the PC was restar­ted when a con­nec­tion was required the same dia­log box would show up, with the option unticked.
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0Flash FLV LogoGiocare FLV scaricati di

I recently had a prob­lem with 2 PC which appeared to be con­figured identic­ally, ma mentre si potrebbe svolgere un FLV down­loaded from you­tube, the oth­er would fail. Some oth­er FLVs played OK on both sys­tems. After much fur­ther invest­ig­a­tion I dis­covered that the act­iveX ver­sion of flash play­er on 1 di data di up-to-era del PC, but on the oth­er was not.
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0GigaByte Dynamic Energy Saver LogoProblemi audio con potenza gigabyte risparmio

I’ve been suf­fer­ing from audio dis­tor­tion issues when play­ing back movies on my recently rebuilt HTPC. After much test­ing I dis­covered a solu­tion — dis­abling (in my case by unin­stalling) the giga­byte dynam­ic energy saver util­ity. I am not sure if this tool only causes prob­lems because of my spe­cif­ic con­fig­ur­a­tion of codecs, but it cer­tainly did cause prob­lems across a range of hard­ware and media play­ers. Dis­abling it imme­di­ately resolved the prob­lem.