0Group Policy Logoملف ADM مخصص ل Windows Server 2003 / مجال XP

I was dig­ging thru an old back-up القرص المضغوط today and stumbled upon a cus­tom ADM file I cre­ated when I was admin­is­ter­ing a Win­dows Serv­er 2003 / Win­dows XP Domain. To use, copy the fol­low­ing code into note­pad, save the file with a .adm exten­sion on the system32 folder of a domain serv­er. Open Group Policy edit­or and add the file, then browse to the “Tech­ni­cians Set­tings” to enable any of the set­tings.

There are Machine and User set­tings includ­ing…
Enabling the EZ-GPO util­ity
Syn­aptics touch­pad sens­it­iv­ity fix
Dis­able lots of start-up applic­a­tions
Dis­able lots of unneeded ser­vices
Con­trol Win­dows fea­tures inc anti­vir­us, mes­sen­ger, error report­ing, cd-brun­ing
Media Play­er — dis­able auto­mat­ic actions
Java set­tings
Adobe set­tings
Auda­city set­tings
Smart­Board set­tings
Win­dows Defend­er set­tings
Inter­net Explorer set­tings
Screen Saver set­tings

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