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اپنے گھر تھیٹر اور ہائی فائی سیٹ اپ کے ڈیزائن اور پیدا کرنے کے لئے الٹی سائٹ.

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I have recently been suf­fer­ing cor­rup­tion play­ing back some H.264 files with FFD­Show try­outs. After a bit of exper­i­ment­ing I’ve found that the last build without this issue is build 3949 سے 24ویں-July. I pre­vi­ously had issues with earli­er releases of FFD­Show thatdidn\‘t work with DXVA at all — for­tu­nately build 3949 does­n’t suf­fer this issue. I alsopre­vi­ously had a prob­lem where some builds of FFD­Show were less effi­cient on my HTPC and were unable to smoothly decode some high bitrate movies, مثلا. a rip of the Inglori­ous Bas­terds Blu-Ray, which has forced me to con­tin­ue to use an old build from mid-2010 until now. Build 3949 does­n’t suf­fer from these issues either — so in terms of the 3 prob­lems I’ve had over the years with ffd­show, تعمیر 3949 does­n’t suf­fer from any of them, mak­ing it my build of choice for the fore­see­able future.

ذیل میں تبصرہ کی طرف سے ہمیں اپنے خیالات بھیجیں کریں! آپ کے سبسکرائب کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو سب سے اوپر دائیں مینو پر لنک سبسکرائب استعمال کریں. آپ بھی ذیل سماجی روابط کا استعمال کرتے ہوئے کی طرف سے اپنے دوستوں کے ساتھ اس کا اشتراک کر سکتے ہیں. چیرس.

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Sorry for the ques­tion, but did you know FFD­Show has a GUI with a lot of set­tings? F.ex. you can switch on or off DXVA sup­port, in case some files are not com­pat­ible with it. اس کے علاوہ, you can set it up to try to do it automatically.

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Thanks you, yes I did. I’ve used them extens­ively to tweak the sub­title set­tings. I require DXVA as the E350 سی پی یو in my HTPC is too under-powered to decode full 1080p BluRay’s on the سی پی یو. I use ffd­show spe­cific­ally because it sup­ports DXVA and sub­titles which is some­thing I can­’t do with oth­er decoders.
In my exper­i­ence with ffd­show try­outs files aren’t incom­pat­ible with it, so much as cer­tain revi­sions of it are incom­pat­ible with some files. This isn’t all that sur­pris­ing giv­en that it is in alpha or beta stage constantly.
ویسے, for now my recom­mend­a­tion for build 3949 stands — it works well with all the files I’ve tried it with — and it does so with lower سی پی یو usage than any oth­er build I’ve tried — which is most of them.

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