0Fissare barre grigie letterbox su LG TV al plasma

Ho un LG al plasma TV come parte del mio principale HTPC setup. Although I cal­ib­rated it (and turned off things like dynam­ic con­trast) quando ho capito, Ho sempre avuto un problema con le bande nere (ad es. sopra 2.4:1 pellicole rapporto) look-zione grigio - i.e. being light­er than the darkest parts of the film. I googled to try to find a solu­tion but was even­tu­ally con­vinced by repeated for­ums that it was just my per­cep­tion and even­tu­ally gave up.

I recently rewatched Ter­min­at­or 3 and dur­ing the intro sequence there is just white text dis­played on a mainly black pic­ture. There was no doubt­ing this time that the let­ter­box bars quite clearly were light­er than the main pic­ture — it was no trick of the eye. I again came back to google but still could­n’t find any solu­tion. So I star­ted play­ing around with set­tings. It turned out to be the simplest solu­tion — I had the black level set to “high” rather than “low” on the TV set­tings. By default I tend to think of “high” as “good” but of course in the case of blacks “low” is actu­ally what is desir­able — this is a case of a con­fus­ing labelling of the setting!

Così - per curare barre grigie letterbox sul vostro LG Plasma andare alle impostazioni: pic-ture: esperto impostazioni: livello del nero e impostarlo su "basso"

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