私はLGのプラズマを持っている テレビ 私のメインの一環として、 HTPC セットアップ. 私はそれを校正しますが (そしてダイナミックなコントラストのようなものをオフに) 私が最初にそれを得たとき, 私はいつもレターボックスとの問題がありました (例えば. オン 2.4:1 比フィルム) looking grey – i.e. フィルムの最も暗い部分よりも軽量であること. I googled to try to find a solution but was eventually convinced by repeated forums that it was just my perception and eventually gave up.

I recently rewatched Terminator 3 and during the intro sequence there is just white text displayed on a mainly black picture. There was no doubting this time that the letterbox bars quite clearly were lighter than the main pictureit was no trick of the eye. I again came back to google but still couldn’t find any solution. So I started playing around with settings. It turned out to be the simplest solutionI had the black level set tohighrather thanlow” 上の テレビ 設定. By default I tend to think ofhigh” として “goodbut of course in the case of blackslowis actually what is desirablethis is a case of a confusing labelling of the setting!

そう – to cure grey letterbox bars on your LG Plasma go to settings: picture: expert settings: black level and set it tolow

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